A Parisian couple plans to murder their parents in this wicked Jean Luc Godard odyssey. But before that they must meet psychotic drivers, political garbage collectors and hungry hippies. Filled with sight gags, pop culture references and cinematic experiments this apocalyptic mayhem is bound to infuriate its audience as intended. The set-pieces are innovative, the colors are bold and the actors look like they stepped into a nightmare. It is indeed what makes this film unique is its total disregard of what its audience wants, or needs. It pokes fun and consciously bores the people watching. The movie literally will stare back in a very nonchalant way. The violence is so shocking and so absurd it’s impossible not to think about why it is done in the first place. By taking that all in you get a movie that works if you take it as a whole. It self destructs in a way that is both disfigured and beautiful like a really weird mixtape a friend gave you. It doesn’t know what it wants to be, it doesn’t know where it wants to go, yet its total dislike of everything, except for Mozart, makes it a compelling movie to see.